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April 8, 2010, 8:37 am
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English short stories are becoming common among non-native speakers of English. Many of these writers continue to receive international acclaim. In Singapore, there are also famous fiction writers whose works continue to impress.

However, the market for such fiction works when it involves stories with a Singaporean background is not large. The National Arts Council holds biennial Golden Point Awards for writing to acknowledge good writers.

For amateur writers like me who may not fit any of the above categories, this blog is a way of expression of my short stories with a Singapore background. Many of my short stories revolve around a historical event (even a mundane event) that happened to Singaporeans past and present, in our fair city – pleasant or unpleasant. I have taken liberties with some of the facts and locations of these events to fit into the life of the characters in the story. The exact dates of the events may have been slightly changed to fit into the story.

All characters in these stories are fictional characters (except for historical ones who are mentioned) and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Although names of places and institutions have been mentioned for authenticity,  this also does not in any way mean that the fictional events occurred at these  places/institutions.

It is my hope that the collection will bring smiles/ recollections/ remembrances  to the face of some of my readers and also encourage young Singaporeans to write stories about our country.

 I am grateful to those who advised me on some ethnic customs which I have included in the stories.

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April 2010